Latitude 15 is pleased to announce that its new PETITE LINE of performance sports base layers will be available in September.   Designed for the active sports ladies, the new PETITES conform more closely to the body line.  Because of this a full zip has been added to ease on/off wearing – to avoid possible “mussing” of hair and makeup.   Initially the PETITES will be offered in sizes XS, S, and M and they come in Fine Deep Claret Red,  and Formal Midnight Blue.   Pricing is to be offered at $165.00 each shirt.   Matching LATITUDE 15 socks and hats will also be available.  There also is a right side zip pocket for those essentials such as car key, credit card, or other items.

A patented, intimate blend of synthetic and natural fibers that accelerates the water release rate of wet fabric. It is set apart from other moisture management products because of its faster drying time, the aesthetics imparted by its natural fiber component and its permanently built-in odor eliminator, FreshGuard®.

We've chosen Dri-release for the inside of the shirt because of its multiple comfort and protection features - features that appeal to the extreme sports aficionados targeted by Latitude 15 including skiers, trekkers, climbers, sky jumpers, big game hunters and the like that often find themselves among the elements for hours or days at a time.

"I was so glad to have my Latitude15 shirt with me. It turned out to be the favorite piece of clothing I had with me and so I ended up wearing it for the most of the trip. The level of comfort it provides in an extreme outdoor environment is amazing and its ability to keep your body "climate controlled" is absolutely unmatched by other materials like fleece or cotton. I can only say: Don't leave home without it!"

Gebhard Jochum,
The Lorunser Sport Hotel, Zurs am Arlberg, Austria