Warum? Because it means why!

People often ask ME why we have a vanity license tag that says “warum”?  Don’t you mean “warm” as in “global warming”?  So then I say, “you really want to know?  It will take a little while to explain”.  Words have meanings, but words mean different things to different folks no matter what the dictionary says.  As in art in which “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it is also the same with the words we chose.  Comprehension is in the ear and mind of the listener.  We all know that there is hearing and there is “selective hearing”.  Having oneself or one’s ideas understood by your intended recipient (or audience) is an art and a skill! This goes for business and even more so in the home where one can add in “timing” as a critical element.  Well, I digress.  “Back to Warum”.

For those who took a little Berlitz or married into a Swiss or German family, “warum” means “why”.  During my courting period of my lovely Swiss wife Karin, I sent her a valentine card which I signed, I presumed, cleverly, “Warum” thinking incorrectly from my limited knowledge of the Berlitz German language that “warum” meant “because”.  WRONG!  Upon receipt of the card, the lovely Karin inquired of me “Bob, why did you send me that lovely valentine card which bespoke ‘I love you” and then signed it “Warum (why)”?  Warum indeed?  From the ashes of that experience have evolved three wonderful children who all married real
Vermonters and 6 beautiful granchilcren.  As Dave Rahr used to say, “grand children are the desert of life”.  Indeed they are.  So Happy Birthday to me on my 75th this year!     WARUM!

A patented, intimate blend of synthetic and natural fibers that accelerates the water release rate of wet fabric. It is set apart from other moisture management products because of its faster drying time, the aesthetics imparted by its natural fiber component and its permanently built-in odor eliminator, FreshGuard®.

We've chosen Dri-release for the inside of the shirt because of its multiple comfort and protection features - features that appeal to the extreme sports aficionados targeted by Latitude 15 including skiers, trekkers, climbers, sky jumpers, big game hunters and the like that often find themselves among the elements for hours or days at a time.

"I was so glad to have my Latitude15 shirt with me. It turned out to be the favorite piece of clothing I had with me and so I ended up wearing it for the most of the trip. The level of comfort it provides in an extreme outdoor environment is amazing and its ability to keep your body "climate controlled" is absolutely unmatched by other materials like fleece or cotton. I can only say: Don't leave home without it!"

Gebhard Jochum,
The Lorunser Sport Hotel, Zurs am Arlberg, Austria