Women’s shirt

In Vermont we have a lot of active women who are on the go all the time.  They are in motion all the time, perpetua mobile I think is the term.  The result is, pardon the expression, natural eye candy as nothing is nicer to look at than a vibrant and in shape lady.  Pardon me if that is sexist but for someone who is a septuagenarian, I appreciate what I see more each day. Vermont, per capita, has more of these ladies than any other state, to my belief.  Yes, life is a challenge up here, both mentally and physically and you have to stay in shape just to stay even.  Eg. The winter in Vermont may be over but please do not alert the snow devils!   I am keeping the snow shovels out just in case.   However!  We have designed a special version of the Latitude15 shirt which is more comely and shaped to the female torso.  This style will be out in the fall of ’08.  So keep your eye on the website www.latitude15.com to see a photo of the Women’s Expedition shirt. By the way, it has a full zip front for those ladies who do not like to pullover a shirt over their hairdo or deal with long earrings.  Have a nice day and smile as you slither through the mud patches of life.  Two seasons not well publicized by the Department of Tourism in Vermont are “The Mud Season”  and  “The stick season” in the fall when all the leaves fall off!

A patented, intimate blend of synthetic and natural fibers that accelerates the water release rate of wet fabric. It is set apart from other moisture management products because of its faster drying time, the aesthetics imparted by its natural fiber component and its permanently built-in odor eliminator, FreshGuard®.

We've chosen Dri-release for the inside of the shirt because of its multiple comfort and protection features - features that appeal to the extreme sports aficionados targeted by Latitude 15 including skiers, trekkers, climbers, sky jumpers, big game hunters and the like that often find themselves among the elements for hours or days at a time.

"I was so glad to have my Latitude15 shirt with me. It turned out to be the favorite piece of clothing I had with me and so I ended up wearing it for the most of the trip. The level of comfort it provides in an extreme outdoor environment is amazing and its ability to keep your body "climate controlled" is absolutely unmatched by other materials like fleece or cotton. I can only say: Don't leave home without it!"

Gebhard Jochum,
The Lorunser Sport Hotel, Zurs am Arlberg, Austria